Móc lót cốc hay móc vòng trang trí rượu cho Valentine

Valentine craft ideas for kids and everyone

Valentine idea : Open Heart

Tutorial Video : bead Valentine hearts
I didn't have any pink seed beads at hand so I did this in 2-tone. You can use 2 mm bicone beads instead of the seed beads or use same color throughout. You can also use 4mm/3mm combination to make it bigger. If you don't sew up the sides of the inside you can insert a picture in between the two hearts and use it as a picture frame.

Valentine craft ideas: How to make a Simple Heart with Beads

Video hướng dẫn kết hình trái tim bằng hạt cườm

Bead headband tutorial

Hướng dẫn kết bờm tóc bằng hạt cườm lấp lánh cho bé yêu
Nguyên liệu
- Hạt cườm
- Dây cước
- Bờm tóc 
- Kéo

Valentines ideas: making food heart

Italian cooking, polenta, shrimp, Italian recipe  
Thực hiện món ăn và món tráng miệng với hình tim

ornament crafts


Làm thiệp chúc mừng năm mới hình pháo dây ngộ nghĩnh

Make Candy Cane Hearts

valentine candy cane hearts
Make Valentine candy
Hướng dẫn làm kẹo trái tim cho 14 - 2

Crafts for preschool: recycling plastic tutorial

Baby making toys

Hướng dẫn bé tự làm đồ chơi, hướng dẫn bé làm hoa hướng dương từ đĩa nhựa

Make valentines candy

Make valentines candy very easy

Valentine idea : making cards

Làm thiệp Valenine đơn giản dễ làm mà đặc biệt
Origamic Architecture Pop Up Valentine Card
 pop up valentine card
Fractal Pop Up Valentine
 pop up valentine fractal card

Hướng dẫn làm thiệp hình tim cho Valentine

Valentine card ideas: Happy Valentine cards

Gift present for kids: crocheted headband

Móc bờm tóc hình nơ

Hướng dẫn móc nơ kẹp tóc cho bé

Crochet bows pattern

Hướng dẫn làm thiệp cuộn và dán giấy

Valentines ideas: Making quilling cards

Eater gifts - Bunny crochet pattern

Boutique Crochet Easter Bunny Applique hair clips Set of 2
Mẫu móc hình thỏ 

Hướng dẫn móc hoa tulip

crochet flower pattern

Birthday ideas kids: bow tie

Tying the Knot

Mẫu móc, đan xinh làm đồ chơi, trang trí cho bé

Crochet flowers, crochet animals, flowers decoration, gift set, flower gift, baby toys.
Can be used in many situations.
You can wear it as a headband or attach it to your clothes as nice decoration items.
The size is about 4-6cm.

Paper Roll Design: Forest Cutout

Trang trí nhà với cây cỏ bằng lõi giấy vệ sinh

Valentines ideas: Crochet Valentine gifts

Crochetme: Pieces of my heart

Recycled Plastic - Làm hoa bằng túi nhựa và chai nhựa

Making flowers bottles and plastic bags
http://img.wendmag.com/uploads/2009/09/plastic-flower-490x490.jpginkuku recycled plastic bag chair

Tutorial: wire wrapped Gemstone Bracelet

Crafty jewelry: Lapis Stone Necklace and earring

Lapis Stone Necklace

Painted Wine Glasses

Funny painted wine glasses

Crafty jewelry: Wrap Bracelet

This is one of  those designs, you know the ones that you see for sale for upwards of $50 to $60 and sometimes even more – and you think “well I could make that.”   And you know what…you really can!  We love this design for many reasons but the number one is the ability to whip out a large number relatively quickly, each with a different flavor depending on which beads you choose (as seen in the bracelets shown above.)  There are a number of different ways to create this bracelet and you can use a loom if you would like but if you don’t have one this tutorial is the way to go!

Crafty jewelry: A beaded fabric flower necklace tutorial

Lately, I've noticed both Etsy and Anthro featuring fabric beaded necklaces. I've also noticed a lot of fabric flowers. So, I decided to combine the two and make myself this necklace. I was going for a Halloween type vibe, but I think it can pass for a post Halloween necklace too. As a matter of fact, it would be a great Christmas gift. Scratch the Halloween theme! This is now my sisters Christmas present. Just joking Julz... unless you like it =)

Below is a tutorial on how to make the necklace.

Recycled gifts: Denim Shag Necklace

  • Completed Project: Denim Shag Necklace Picture #1

bead necklace: Follow these steps

Crafty jewelry: Clusters And Daggers

  • Completed Project: Clusters And Daggers Picture #1

Bead necklace: 

By using simple joining techniques you can create this striking Bollywood inspired jewellery set.

Crafty jewelry: Bead necklace

     Wrap With Wire
  • Completed Project: Wrap With Wire Picture #1

This electrifying set will add a spark to any outfit! 

Crafty jewelry: Pearl & Chain Necklace

  • Completed Project: Pearl & Chain Necklace Picture #1

Add elegance to that little black dress.

Crafty jewelry: Bead Necklace tutorial

  • Completed Project: Berry Nice Necklace Picture #1

Berry Nice Necklace

Colored pencils