Bead Jewelry tutorial

This necklace is super easy!! I promise you can get it made up in the short week and a half before Mom’s Day.
Here’s what you’ll need to make it:
twill or other ribbon (approx 50″)
large link chain (you’ll need a piece about 13″ long)
bead assortment – enough for 5 13″ strands
beading cord
crimp beads (10)

Start by weaving your twill piece through the links of the chain. Weave the twill over and under the links.
Continue weaving the twill through until the chain piece is centered in the twill.
Tie a knot around the last link of the chain on each side.
Pretty cute already huh?
Now we’re going to start adding in our small bead strands.
Cut a strand of bead cord about 17″ long. Add a crimp bead to one end of the cord.
Wrap the  cord through the last link of the chain where the knot is. Feed the cord back through the jump ring so it is looped through the chain link.
Crimp the bead tight with flat nosed pliers to hold the cording in place.
Feed beads onto the strand, covering the loose end of the cording as you string them. Add beads until the strand measures about 13″, or the length of the chain.
Finish the other end of the cording with a crimp bead looped around the other end of the chain. Feed the loose end of the cording through several of the beads and then trim off the remainder.
Repeat this process 4 more times with different bead strands. Vary your type and size of beads just a bit.
You will have 5 strands looped around the last links of the chain on each side.
And that’s it!! I told you – easy peasy!
The beauty of the twill is that you can adjust it for whatever length you’d like – to go with whatever you’re wearing!


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