Bead necklace easy to make:

Beads for half an hour 
For those who want to look fashionable and modern, and most importantly every time the new, we offer interesting options beads and bracelets, belts and beads. Look closely at the picture and you will see that make them very easy.
(699x466, 75Kb)
Changing the ribbon can be chosen aksassuary to every costume. Add a small flower charm.
(699x502, 153Kb)
Ribbons stacked folds, make your beads more interesting.
(700x696, 223Kb)
And if you use two colors of ribbons, you get a smart, bright and cheerful option.
(699x495, 65Kb)

You can also change the width of ribbons and beads in quantity.
(698x410, 124Kb)
(549x428, 61Kb)
Simply weave ribbons string of beads looks mischievous and original.
(430x443, 50Kb)
That this option, an accordion, I really like it!
(430x363, 82Kb)
(430x272, 50Kb)
(430x312, 66Kb)
(430x355, 45Kb)
(454x448, 111Kb)
(430x315, 66Kb)
(430x475, 76Kb)
(467x576, 117Kb)
(430x504, 136Kb)
(430x478, 109Kb)
il_430xN_164363678 form ribbons with beads (430x367, 66 Kb)
And so lovely women, choose your version and try it. I think you'll disappointed with the result. Especially when your aksassuary cause sea of ​​emotions, surprise and delight your friends


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