Beaded jewelry: beading necklaces tutorial

1. To get started stringing beads on a string of five basic colors (silver, in this case) and five colors of beads, which will criss-cross base (purple)

2. Next Threading the needle through all five silver beads (core)

3. Here's what you should have:

4. Then recruit one silver beads, and five purple:

5. Threading the needle through the four beads basis and that he had just strung (ie, the first silver beads pass through the needle is not needed ) - in the photo you want us five beads are marked in red, and the first silver - green;)To make it clearer and more visible)))

6. You should get something like this:

Then repeat steps 4-5 and whips harness to desired length))
And if you keep working in his left hand, then all of the following elements should go to the left of the previous, otherwise the spiral will scrappy and does not twist as you want. The first few elements to make difficult, because the beginning of the flagellum and strive to turn over in his hands) But after five or six elements of it will pass)))


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