Beading color flower for jewelry and...

For work, we need ordinary polyester thread, bead needle (and preferably several, as they quickly break down), glass-cutting of multiple colors and large beads for the center of the flower.

Dress Up 3 beads and closed in the ring.

Next, add 2 more beads and start creating little corner of our future petals, threading the needle through the beads of the previous row.

Gradually the "Brick Stitch" begins to increase the triangle.

To get a smooth transition from one color to another, gradually begin to randomly add beads lighter shade (or vice versa, if you create a transition from light to bright).

When done 11 rows, continuing in the next 4 to increase only two parties lepestka.Tem thus making it more elongated.

Further work on only one side, gradually reducing the amount of biserinok.Tak side lobes is a more rounded and smooth.

Completing work on the second side lobe.

5 petals sewn together, like this, sew in the middle of several large beads as desired.
Our work is finished.

This suit came to me for alteration of a few jokes, carnival and New Year in the contest .. It was sewn just the basics. For me personally suit after alteration turned out, as they say "with a twist", but unfortunately he ordered it costume did not come to mind, although to send a photo before he ponravilsya.I now be radical reworking of the costume.

And how do you? Like it or not?


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