Beading flower for pendant, brooch...

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and now try to explain and show how I did it.

We need the main color beads size 10 / 0 and Finish size 10 / 0 7 / 0 thread (I'm weaving in lavsan 33L) or fishing line, needle.
Scourge corner as follows:

Here we get a petal

Further, the scheme dopletaem 4 more petals (in the end we got to feed the five lobes)

Here's what happens as a result of

Then join our band of corner in the ring through the first bead 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

And it turns out we have here is a ring
When we close the tape in the ring, a needle out of the bead circled in the picture with a red circle

We collect two beads and introduce the needle into the next bead


Derive a thread through the bead circled in red circle

Insert the needle into the first of four beads grounds next petal 

Derive a needle into the second bead

We repeat this algorithm for the rest of the petals and addictive. It turns a flower:
Top view

Bottom view

Derive the needle from the first bead midway, we collect a bead, we introduce a needle into the next bead

Introduce the needle in the first bead on the midway next petal

Repeat for all the lobes, we derive a needle

Between all of the resulting bead stitches midway one more beads and tighten
Derive from a needle bead marked by a circle

Stitches "step" on the inner side of petal bead finishing color size 7 / 0

And back to the middle,

And so with all the petals.
Back view

Front view
Derive from a needle beads marked with circles

We collect three colored beads finish size 10 / 0 and introduce the needle to the next bead "pikushki"

And so on around the florets

Derive from a needle bead marked by a circle

We collect 4 beads, we introduce an average of 3 beads of the previous row, and so on around the flower.

That's it! 
If something is unclear, ask, try to explain.


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