Beading work: pot cactus tutorial

Many of you faced with the problem of where to put their new product. Very often purchased pots are not suitable for whatever criteria. 

We need: Plaster, a cup of water, a cup with moist sand, thick film, scissors, a half ball (you can use a cup made of soft plastic or cut baklazhku, but the ball is more convenient), a jar of suitable size and shape for a pot (it can be used many times ), a spoon and a flower that should be put 

take the cup with moist sand, dig a small hole in yamku.Vdavlivaem (very tight) its posudinku to the desired depth (eg height of a glass of 10 cm is enough for us 5, then press in half). Presses sand on the sides, stamps more tightly, neatly take out posudinku and check the quality of the fossa (purity print). If not satisfied, repeat the procedure. 

Type in another cup (preferably in a half ball) of water as long as necessary to fill the dimples (approx) to fill up with a spoon until plaster until it stops sinking. We wait until all the plaster gets wet and razmeshivaem.Cherez 2-5 minutes, when gypsum begins to thicken pour it into a sand pit. 
A little more forward and stick a flower. Before landing, do not forget to prepare a flower. Of dense, but soft polyethylene cut out a circle, then thinned it to the middle. Zasun stalk in the center of the circle. Above we have obtained rosette of leaves and flowers or the stem of a cactus, as in this case, bottom-up "roots" and in the middle of the horizontal film, which will prevent the leaves from the landing soiling in a cast. 

After an hour or two films can be removed, and the flower "for shkiryak" pull out peska.Kaktus better pull up to remove the film on location of the roots we have formed "pot" plastered with sand. It can be a little shaken. 

Put the track on the saucer (the sand will crumble) in a warm place to dry. When dry shake off excess sand raskrashevaem "pot" in gouache or something, you can decorate the stones surface "soil" as the varnish dries. 


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