Beads, Baubles & Jewels - a lot of videos

1. Creating embroidered beads made of wool.

2. Creation of the suspension in the form of a ring (ring twining)

3. Creating beads, trimmed with beads and bikonusami

4. Creation of a pearl necklace (nizanie)

5. Creating a Byzantine chain (working with wire)

6. Creating metal rings

7. Creating a bracelet-mascot

8. Spiral Peyote

9. Earrings Technology mikromakrame

10. Necklace in the style of "organic."

11. Basic techniques of embroidery from Sherry Serafini

12. Bracelet Technology mikromakrame

13. Creating an asymmetrical necklace

14. Meet the steampunk and some ideas for using filigranes

15. Creating a metal chain

16. Weave flowers in a French engineering

17. Creation of the suspension with the use of paper prints

18. Creating a metal bracelet

19. Inset cabochon in a metal frame

20. Creating a necklace in vintage style

21. Creating a metal ring-snake

22. How to deal with BRONZclay ™


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