Benches, skamechki, tables made of wood

Nature gave people a wonderful building material - wood. Russia has on its territory, the real wealth, which is equal to the value of oil, only I use and to properly assess this, we still can not. While the rich have long understood this and prefer glass, concrete and other dead material is warm and living tree. Hut (in a modern - cottages) of wood to breathe, good keeping warm in the cold and cool in the heat. And how nice natural wood in the interior, we only need to properly handle it and then it will play and will be a long time to please the eye. In different parts of the world products "pieces of wood" are in great demand: of them make furniture, interior decorations, all sorts of suburban accessories and jewelry.
Garden bench from what was ...
Something anyone can do himself, the main thing to see how and what can be done. Presented below the gallery pictures - it's wooden furniture for home and garden, or just interesting stuff, accessories. They are made by skilled craftsmen from Latvia, Estonia and the U.S.. It looks very funny, but something even very and solid. And also an art. But most importantly - the people on this earn! And we just burn or throw out the trash, then that can benefit and even ... income.

Trunks of trees turned into elegant lighting
Fixtures made of wood
Holiday Dining sets
Backyard gate
Wood in the interior - the column
Elegant bookcase
Rocking chair
Coffee table
Sadochaya shop
Masterpiece Collection - washbasin made of wood
Funny trolley chair - in the case went all. But how original!
Funny Sofa-chair for the garden
This is a more complex product from a tree ... but how beautiful!


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