Bow-tie for boy tutorial

Hướng dẫn may nơ cổ cho bé trai

Need satin fabric 20 cm wide 100 cm Fleece on the adhesive on a 10 cm wide 100 cm thin silk thread. For the convenience of using two identical patterns. Otparit tissue to reveal to shrink. 

Patterns pinned to the fabric, cut around a clear straight line and cut out 2 pieces, leaving the SEAM 0.7 cm 

Carve out a piece of nonwoven without SEAM. 

Obtain two pieces of satin fabric and one of the interlining. 

On one piece of satin, on the wrong side, to impose on the contoured non-woven line item, the adhesive side down. 

Smooth non-woven satin detail to detail with a hot iron. 

Satin detail folded right sides inwards. 

Skolot details and sweep of the intended line. 

Stitch detail, leaving the middle section of the product is not Sew 5 cm seam should be flat. Clear flash corners of the product. 

Remove the basting 

Seam allowances to cut up to 0.5 cm 

Very carefully cut the corners close to the product line. 

In rounding the bends and places to perform cuts with a step 1.5 cm 

Using a wooden stick / needle turn out a product on the left does not Sew site. 

Stick to straighten corners of the product. 

Every corner neatly finally straighten out the needle. 

Straightening out your thumb and forefinger of his left hand to sweep the product into the edge of small stitches. 

Sweep on the intended line area nestachenny products 

Through the damp cloth, not much hitting, otparit spawned a product. 

Remove the basting and otparit finished product again. The product shall be cool and take shape. 

Bow tie tied in the form.


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