BOX: gingerbread houses

Well, anyone interested, the details of reinventing the wheel. Maybe you could somehow easier to do, I did: took a plastic bottle, cut off the middle part, pasted it into 2 layers of cloth to dust (I bought a lot of them, the glue so the glue:)), drew a rough sketch, zvinyayte for the quality of the picture , an artist from the word I be evil. 

on the bottom of a cardboard cut out of the circle and 2 circles of cloth, folded together and sewn to the main body, inserted into the lining. 
On the rag embroidered windows, cart with flowers, sewed the side, place seam masked embroidering door with arch pad sewn in several places to the bottom of the box, so as not to stray, pulled an embroidered cloth stuck to the bottom of a range of basic tkanyushki and sewed all concealed stitches . 

same stitches joined top boxes. Cover were written along the way, the cardboard circle covered with a cloth, a piece of tissue reconciliation kulechkom folded, sewn to a piece of cardboard, put a little sintepuha, cut into strips of felt fringe, sewn, 
The result was a grassy hillock, sewn to the top of the loop, masked ladybug. The lid was kept, connect it with a box with a ribbon. Come a little closer and flowers.


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