The bulk of paper flowers and beads. : ideas to make cards

Quite Often We See on skrapstranitsah BULK flowers out of paper. Found They Are very Different. Let's Take with you a Little pofantaziruem.:))) 


CREATE to Surround the flower, We need: paper or Medium density is very Dense (on Thin paper CAN be done Not Stamping), punch in the form of a flower. In Our Example, AS a Daisy. Flower, in Principle, CAN be cut and the scissors. 
For decor, we take beads, color coordinated and threads. 
With the hole punch made of paper flowers. 


Then, a tool for stamping or any other round objects make flower petals protruding. 


Tool to conduct a few times in the middle of each petal, to receive a kind of groove. 
Further, harvesting flowers add up to each other and the core sew beads. 


Beads CAN be decorated flower Not Only But Also the very page. Attach the flower to a page with a Pencil Mark the place for beads. Needle CAN be done about the hole. 


And then SEW beads AS FOLLOWS. Pierces the Scrap page from the Inside, glass beads Strung on the needle and the needle enter the Same hole. 


Here is a voluminous paper flower stayed on my page, what do you have? 


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