Christmas decorations: making balls tutorial


Decorated with such original balls, played all the colors of the rainbow. And everybody knows that if the pick up toys of the same size and shape, the form will be especially delicious. 
Materials: Bowl and the heart of the foam, "OBI" 
Decorative cord milky, 1,5 m 
Garland of large and small plastic beads 
Spool of small plastic beads 
Tools: glue gun, tweezers or a small pair of scissors 
1. Untwist finished garland on separate threads. Take the cord and "drown" his end in a ball of foam tips of tweezers or small scissors. 
2. Apply a little glue on the surface of a sphere with fixed cord and attach the tip wire beads. Gradually cover the adhesive side of the ball and at the same time, row by row, put on his cord and beads - as long as do not fill the entire surface. Cut off any excess, "Utopia" end into the foam (see Section 1). Pass thread a needle and thread it through the cord, making a loop for hanging. 
3. Similarly, you can decorate with beads foam heart. With glue gun attach the string of beads on his "edge". Then start to stick beads on one side, putting the coils on the edge to the center. 
4. Not necessarily use the same beads - they can be a different color and size. When you reach the center of the heart, cut the thread and then attach its small parts, cutting with scissors required number of beads. Filling one side of the heart, move on to another. Fasten the thread or ribbon for hanging. 

Tip: This method is suitable for renovation of old Christmas tree balls and decoration is not very interesting plastic. In this case, you can use the beads and strings of different diameters. For small balls better to take a thin string and thread small beads, can be pasted on the large, big and small beads. No less original looking Christmas ornaments and decorated with three strings or cords simultaneously. 
Designed by Lara Hametovoy, Tatiana Vozdroganovoy. Photo of Catherine Morgunova, Helena Rostunovoy Source: 
Christmas tree ball with a face: 
Purchase a ball of foam sheathes or paste knitting or any cloth. Drawing on the tissue a cute little face, the ball we will have to face. And then, everything in the photo, plus your own imagination


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