Creative fashion for men: 12 cool ties

A selection of unusual tie:)
New York Taxi Cab Shaped Tie
Tie in the form of ice cream
Do you like ice cream?) Or you called on some friendly dinner?) Then tie Soft Serve Shaped Tie in the form of ice cream with a cherry on top is just the way =)
Soft Serve Shaped Tie
Tie with pouring beer
You are a lover of beer and can not wait until Friday to make a few sips of cold beer?) If a tie Pouring Beer Tie it seems as if you feel the taste of beer on the lips =)
Pouring Beer Tie
Tie in a hot dog
This tie can be worn in a variety of cases - both at lunch and at any party, or just to make someone feel hungry) After all, with a tie in the form of hot dog will flow from any salivating =)
Hot Dog Tie
Tie with the space invaders
Tormenting nostalgia for the NES?) Or go to korporativchik in kindergarten?)) In any case, a tie with the space invaders will suit you =)
Space Invaders Tie
Tie with a crossword puzzle
Nothing to do at lunchtime? You can solve a crossword puzzle)) and not necessarily to bring a newspaper - enough to tie around his neck in the morning Crossword Tie (and do not forget to wash it at night) =)
Crossword Tie
Tie in the form of machines of the New York cabbie
You are a New York taxi driver? No? Maybe you just like to ride in a taxi or you want something to stand out among the dull fellow?) How would a sudden it sounds, but it turns out to make ties even in the form of taxis - New York Taxi Cab Shaped Tie directly to confirm!
New York Taxi Cab Shaped Tie
Tie with a ping-pong
At first it may seem that this tie is depicted the runway, but pay attention to the small rectangles on the sides and from above - immediately becomes clear that the Pong Tie painted one of the first computer games - Ping Pong =)
Pong Tie
Tie with the table for an eye examination
Working ophthalmologist? Or maybe you have a lot of visually impaired friends?)) Anyway tie Eye Chart Tie looks at least strange =)
Eye Chart Tie2Eye Chart Tie
Do you miss the old "vremyaubivalke"?) "Tetris" on this tie, it seems, is about to start playing himself, is so believable it is represented)
Tetris Tie
If you are constantly working with computers - you can try on this tie =) Just do not start banging on it with your fingers, if he suddenly will fall on the table in front of the monitor))
Keyboard Tie1Keyboard Tie
Tie with a crime scene
Not necessarily work by some investigator to be of such a tie - just enough to be an extraordinary man, in fact looks a tie Crime Scene Tie at least unusual)
Crime Scene Tie
8-bit tie
This tie will appeal to those who have overseen the development of graphics processors), though I think he will have plenty of fans among people who do not know about it =) Anyway Mario just would not refuse to run in a tie! There are blue and red color options
8-Bit Tie


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