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Designer Francesco Innocenti (Los Angeles, USA) offers a unusual design book table-boats . Very convenient solution for those who have a lot of books and magazines.
Suspension "wave" regiment (the designer Mehtap Obuz) is made ​​from felt and aluminum rods can vary in size, mounted to any ceiling and looks very innovative. But the cost in 1006 £ (British pound), not everyone can master.
Another is not a cheap book shelf from the French designer Jean-François Bellemère. bookshelves "Company" - is worth about 600 £ (British pound). Standard "Company" consists of 6 vertical and 4 horizontal shelves, height 220 cm, width 215 cm, but there are variations, and with plenty of shelves.

"Going wall-shelf" , the designer Matthias Ries. Made of steel and can be used at home, cottage, attached to any vertical surface.
"Indy - furniture" - the hit new furniture. The essence of the system that you specify the size of furniture that you need and order it by a certain amount of detail. Only one thing - to gather and enjoy personally assemble furniture.
"Metamorphosis" - carved furniture, reminiscent of the powerful branches of trees. Perfect for books, magazines, as well as for other subjects. Designer - Sebastian Errazuriz.


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