Decorating FOOTWEAR

A crazy glamor of John Galliano (John Galliano) ?!! When it would seem it is impossible to invent anything more extraordinary, but no - the genius of John Galliano again and again convinces us of the boundless imagination and creative ideas, thereby confirming and proving his genius! 

So, in a fashion all sorts of embellishment - from the modest to the mad decor accents
. Here, the feathers and rhinestones, beads, stones and sequins, all sorts of straps and shnurochki, flowers and even a whole bunch of flowers, luxurious fur, brooches, necklaces, chains, ribbons and even some removable parts with which footwear is changing beyond recognition.

Inspire ideas of designers and decorating, decorate, decorate Indeed, much can be done on their own. For example, to fasten badges or brooches, pin flowers, crystals, and in general look and get inspired.


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