Decorating stool tutorial

Декорирование лавочки своими рукамиAnother Shop entrusted Me to decorate. This time IT WAS Meant for a Little Boy. And just for the Boy, then a Decision on choosing the Color WAS Granted.
Materials and tools: 
- Shop 
- Acrylic paint 
- Acrylic lacquer 
- Brush 
- Rhinestones in the shape of flowers 
- Sandpaper

1. Here is a Shop WAS "up to". I do IT with Sandpaper Sanding.
Лавочка своими руками2. Next, I Painted IT Blue acrylic paint. 
Декор лавки Декор лавки
3. Then I Drew a Pencil drawing 
Декор лавки Декор лавки
4. White paint, I Looked around the contour of the pigeons
Декор лавки Декор лавки
5. Yellow paint Painted flowers 
Лавочка своими руками6. I covered the top of the Bench acrylic paint in two coats. And Some flowers stuck on rhinestones. 
Лавочка своими рукамиHere's a Shop I DID. I Hope Their Future owner Will like IT. 
Декорирование лавочки


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