Decorating a white T-shirts with white flowers

The most usual white T-shirt is in the closet for any man, girl, woman, man or child. The truth is unlikely-if men need to decoration of the shirts, but for a young girl with flowers decorate this shirt and make it a hit of the season, at the time.
To do this, you do not need to run for artificial flowers, we sew their own, chiffon, satin and tissue.
The first flower we make of chiffon (it will be leading in the bouquet). To do this we add a few layers of chiffon, cut out 3 different-sized petals.
Now we expand the size of the petals - a great first, then middle and then the smallest.
Now, sew them into a single line.
Now, delaying a thread, thus forming a flower.
Here it is - such a beautiful, fresh, white.
Now, in the same way a few more colors, just out of fabric and satin ribbons, but also stick to white. Nasheyte from the left side of the shirt, forming a bouquet.
Further down on the buds shirts nasheyte stems (also white). They can be from any white lace, satin or lace ribbon.
All - white T-shirt, decorated with white flowers ready!


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