Excursion to Seoul Paper Centre (23). New works in the lower hall

(497x699, 63Kb)(483x699, 58Kb)

(699x515, 57Kb)

(700x647, 84Kb)
(700x520, 59Kb)
(699x590, 65Kb)
(700x505, 63Kb)
(508x699, 75Kb)
(699x526, 69Kb)
(527x699, 50Kb)
(699x558, 73Kb)
(586x699, 71Kb)
(700x656, 61Kb)
(499x699, 61Kb)

Similar kobinirovannye work (figure + origami) has already shown they were decorated in a book And now in the frame.
(525x700, 89Kb)
(499x698, 80Kb)
And below is not new work, but is not loaded in previous reports.
(699x681, 96Kb)
(700x677, 90Kb)
To me, this papier-mache.
(647x699, 71Kb)
(525x700, 217Kb)


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