Fashion Style with Rocks

Of course the most expensive, prestigious are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, however, precious fashion becomes more democratic, leaving precious stones for high party and other outputs and more people in a great light
As noted by jewelers, this is due mainly to the fact that expensive jewelry became especially in art and investing money. Therefore, they keep in a safe, even at high society parties wearing just a good copy.
Conversely, a large number of stones, not previously used, but with an interesting color or texture, were used in the jewelry business and have found their niche in fashion now flows, especially in the ethnics.

And do not forget that all fashion is trying to comply with the motto of "face-to-nature", that is to be as environmentally friendly. Hence, clothing made ​​from natural fabrics, the rejection of strong lacquer into the hair and, of course, the real stones Natural and unpretentious attire often compensate accessories - large rings, beads in multiple layers, such things simply can not be made ​​of expensive precious stones and metals are too expensive.
Plus the vintage style, which again brought to life decorating in retro style, massive, aged. And, of course, the influence of cinema - hit with the audience the hero Jack Sparrow from the trilogy "Pirates of the Caribbean", all the fingers is covered with intricate rings, caused a huge wave of imitations around the world.
So on what kind of stones in the light of these trends is to draw "trendy" attention? "The first place we have give turquoise. First of all, because the color and texture, it fits perfectly in the ethnics and vintage styles, Sizes also can create a large and bright decoration, which will immediately strike the eye and not look cute and stylish.
Further, it should be noted amethyst, his fioletovovye hues on a background of natural shades looked sternly and clearly. Not by chance, even a house, like Cartier made ​​on its basis one of their latest collections.
If diamonds are hidden in the vaults, had to shoot and fired rock crystal.Precisely because it now often make copies of famous necklaces and brooches.
Even in high fashion jewelry, where the first violin for diamonds, for example in the collection of Chopard, rock crystal is used as the background, allowing the maximum to show the beauty of precious stones.
Well, that may be closer to nature than the coral? The first is a mood understand jewelers Christian Dior, a luxurious decoration with corals  
Conversely, the delights of Dior contrasted with some rudeness from Oscar de la Renta, where large pieces of coral appear to be almost raw, like you, like a distant ancestor, independently pulled them from the sea floor and rolled in wild-type necklace.
Think, la Renta at this stop? Certainly not. They did one more thing that immediately gained recognition throughout the fashion ethnics. This pearl necklace, decorated with feathers, which you feel is not even a supporter of green, and this daughter of an Indian chief.
Can be a long story about the materials and stones, which are now popular.This, for example, golden citrine, which Russian girls have long been protected from the evil eye. It is amber, the demand for which grew again. It attracts attention with its black sheen obsidian and quartz, agate, pearls and much more.
And not only the stones - popular products made ​​from hard wood, fur, skin, bones, in short, everything that lay, growing, running and flying around a man thousands of years ago and continues to this day.
And in the conclusion of the Silver. Beautiful ethnic pendants and bracelets, various magical and esoteric things, for the collection of show-business, real men's watches and luxury jewelry was returned to the silver of his good name and forced to remember that it was not for nothing that is in line with gold and platinum.


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