Flower carpets in Italy

If you ever plan to go to Rome for the second week of May, go to a neighboring town Gensano to see the famous Infioratu - festival of colors. Gensano Infiorata - Flower Festival, which was founded in 1778. Each year, local artists cover the entire street (Belardo) floral carpets on the establishment of which they were inspired by paintings on various subjects. Festival of Flowers begins with the collection of millions of colors for 2-3 days before the event.They keep fresh in the caves Gensano, and artists paint their masterpieces on the sidewalk Via Belardo. The festival ends on Monday, the third week of June, when children are allowed to run on the flowers, destroying the great work.
13 Floral Carpets Italy
A floral carpets Italy
Flower carpet at the festival of colors Infiarata Genzano.
2 Flower carpets Italy
Gensano (Genzano) - a town in Italy, 25 km from Rome. Here, the last day of the week "Body of Christ" (in mid-June) is a holiday colors.
3 662x989 Цветочные ковры Италии
Small flower festival in Marino in 2002.
4 Цветочные ковры Италии
Floral rugs in Burelli 2007.
5 742x990 Цветочные ковры Италии
Flower carpets - this whole masterpieces of creative teams.
6 Цветочные ковры Италии
Evening preparation for the festival in Gensano in 2008.
7 Цветочные ковры Италии
Some jobs require not only inspiration and talent, but also the huge amount of plant material (such as carpets length of 250 meters, posting on the main square, leaving more than one hundred kilograms of flowers).
8 Цветочные ковры Италии
Flower painting in the process.
9 Цветочные ковры Италии
A man prepares flowers in Spello.
10 Цветочные ковры Италии
"Life will seem bed of roses, if you visit the Gensano during the festival" - say the Italians.
11 Цветочные ковры Италии
Festival Infiorata in Gensano.
12 Цветочные ковры Италии
The magnificence of flowers is thrill, some floral paintings - works of different years - like a fancy mosaic or gobelin paintings, and some carry a depiction, a portrait of the Pope.
13 Цветочные ковры Италии
The image of Anna Magnani of flowers.
14 990x742 Цветочные ковры Италии
Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ in Bolsene.
15 Цветочные ковры Италии
Portrait of Jesus Christ of flowers.
16 Цветочные ковры Италии
It is said that in 1875 Garibaldi refused to tread on floral rugs, because the "divine things must not be trampled."
17 Цветочные ковры Италии
Infiorata - a holiday that has religious roots, and the tradition to arrange flower carpets born yet in 1778
18 Цветочные ковры Италии
Nothing is eternal. According to tradition, after the festival the children running around the floral carpets, and then they are taken off the streets.


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