Gardening for home

Smart and very useful devices for the home garden

Power Plant Growing Machine - supergadzhet for seed germination: a compact, very easy to use, and most importantly - ensures virtually 100% result. 

The operating principle of this machine: the seeds are laid between the two sponges, all that is needed - to periodically pour water into a special compartment. Passing through the purification system, it is, among other things, is enriched with oxygen.That's where such wonderful results! 

The computerized AeroGarden tells you when to pour your little garden, let you know when the plants need fertilizing, and what it is. 

Lightpot - thought autonomous greenhouse. Lamp, while corner of nature. Looks very impressive. 

Lightpot it originally here are pots with lids closed. Inside already have the seeds, and all the conditions for their germination. Closed box easy to transport and can be quite a long time kept in the refrigerator. 

But now it's time - click "magic" button in the center of "boxes" and ... here it is a miracle! Extendible tube, LED bulb lights up: now she can cover day and night and to warm the tiny sprouts that appear literally in front of you. 

Everything needs a sound approach

The next gadget, which just need to tell - from the discharge superustroystv.EasyBloom knows everything about gardening. 

Transplanted flower, and he wilted in a few days? In the picture - a magnificent tree, and you have a pot - a thin pole with a pair of triple-wilted leaves? If you are unsure of their horticultural expertise, EasyBloom is designed specifically for you. 

Why did the practice diverges from theory? - This question should answer the new miracle device. Perhaps a work in wet or adverse temperatures. Little light, or vice versa - too many ... and maybe - just the land is not suitable. 

When connecting the sensor to the USB port you find yourself in a personal profile on the site PlantSense. Now we need to inform the sensor, in which mode (recommendatory or monitoring), it should work. Then indicate which mode the sensor should work. After that, the sensor is placed in the pot, and a day later - removed and re-connects to a computer to transmit the data collected on site for processing. The most incredible thing that in the process of gathering information, PlantSense uses of technology applied to NASA missions Mars Phoenix! 

What is your favorite garden ... "upside down"!

Sky Planter - invented by the designer of the New Zealand method of growing houseplants. Surprisingly impressive looks, and, best of all - works. 

With the project, Patrick Morris (Patrick Morris), by the way, a ceramist by training, was awarded the prize for the best solution in a modern decorative art at auction UK New Designers. 

In the usual open-pot, the water evaporates. In the Sky Planter water goes directly to the roots of plants, and gradually sank down, completely absorbed. 

From now on, a small apartment or office space can not be considered a hindrance gardening ... 
By the way, here is another confirmation of the fact, it is called «Topsi Turvi». 

Topsi Turvi aggressively marketed around the clock advertising channel (this is where every advertising spot lasting 20 minutes accompanied by a provocative demonstrations) 

"A new revolutionary device for the cultivation of tomatoes from the top down - tell us in commercials - no need to dig, weed and stoop. Simply place the seedling into the socket, add soil, hang and pour - it's all we need! " 

Grow fruit trees at home

A complete review would be inspiring (you'll have wanted to grow the same?) A series of pictures "solar fruit trees on your windowsill. It turns out that in our climatic conditions it is more than possible. How? - For detailed instructions go to the links (under images). 

Gardening on the windowsill: Growing oranges 

Features of cultivation of lemon in pots or tubs 


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