Gem fashion: rarity of the color indigo

Tanzanite, which has deep color from violet and indigo with purple overflow, at today's price may exceed the diamond: the price of $ 5,000 or more per carat. This is due to a rarity: a stone is mined only in Tanzania.
The mineral was discovered in the summer of 1967 a tailor-Portuguese prospector Manuel de Sousa, found in these locations rubies along with members of the local Maasai. Initially, he took the stone in sapphire, but the Gemological analysis showed that the blue variety of zoisite.

Its modern name tanzanite was during a large-scale public relations and marketing campaign of the American jewelry house Tiffany & Co. His vice president, Henry Platt thought that the definition tsoizid too consonant with the English word suicide, therefore, gave a new term ultramarine gem. Tiffany & Co product with tanzanite created a furor in the 80's, and to this day remains very popular in the secular public.
The cost of jewelry with this stone povyshaetya each year. Today necklace from Tiffany & Co with large tanzanite can be estimated at 100 thousand dollars. 

It is worth noting that during his appearance on tanzanite jewelry market was perceived as a great "replacement" sapphire, now he is considered perhaps the best value for money - more effective than diamonds .
The fact that the search for new deposits of rock lead to nowhere. The lab tests geologists and gemologists, tanzanite will only increase in value every year because there were only 25 years of its active development. After that, he will appear only in jewelry or in processed form at the auctions. 
The largest organization to promote tanzanite and monitor its quality is the Tanzanite Foundation. That is to cooperate with it, many fashion houses, working with this stone
British designer Stephen Webster has made tanzanite protagonist of his new collection Killer Man Jaro. He personally participated in the expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro and its rings and earrings with stones saturated blue in blackened gold and diamonds can provide the majestic landscapes of these places.

"It was one of the best moments of my life! I saw this beautiful stone is mined, and just be happy to create jewelry with him, "- admitted Stephen. Legends of Tanzania and the Masai captivated and Ginny Dizon, creating a bracelet Be Born to Tanzanite in the spirit of ancient jewelry mines of King Solomon. 

James Powell made a ring, where the main characters compositions are exotic birds, carrying in its beak thread with tanzanite. This elegant product is made of white gold and diamonds.Continued the theme of birds and mark Claire Woolley \ 's. Stork, carrying, though principal jewel of the world largest tanzanite has become a fundamental symbol of the exquisite necklace.
But the most unusual use of this stone to find designers The Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian. They have created a charming evening shoes for $ 2 million from the silvery skin of 185 carats of tanzanite and diamonds in 28 carat.


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