Hair clip made of ribbon

dekor+iz+lent+klubnika.jpg (177×220)
Material: woven colored tape, glue
How to use: on the pin, rim, brooches, pendants, pendants for bags 

1. Cut the ribbon, turn the triangle as shown and glue the ends of the strip. This face-strawberries.

 2. Green leaves. Cut the green ribbon and cut the ends diagonally.

3. Folded in half

4. Stick the leaves on the front side of the strawberries so that the green component was higher.
The view from the inside out

the view from the front side

5. Petiole. Cut the green ribbon and cut one side notch as shown.

6. Fold piece in half lengthwise and glue.

7. Then fold in half again and again to fix with glue, forming a long stalk.
The view from the inside out

The view from the front side

8. Stick the stalk from the right side on the leaves. Angles of parts with leaves to wrap and glue from the inside product (indicated by arrows)

The final form of decoration of the tapes, "Strawberry". The product is secured to the hair clip or on the rim. As option is available as a keychain or suspension in a handbag.


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