Home decor: 10 ways to decorate the walls originally

Wall decoration - an incredibly wide space for creative finds. Most of the following ideas - it's decor, which can be easily mounted on walls and as easily removed if you want to replace it with another.
Color craze 
way to number 1 - multi-colored spots:
This method of wall decor can be used either to add a neutral interior bright accents, or - as a vehicle to unite the interior details in different colors. For wall decor is usually chosen 3.4 hue, and the form of implementation and number - on your own taste.

way to number 2 - Pop Art:
This is a more refined way to add color. Best suited for neutral interiors in a contemporary style and retro 50-60s. Posters and collages in the spirit of Warhol - is already a hint of art and not just amateur decoration.
inspirational texts 
way to number 3 - the inscription:
Plot could be newspaper and magazine texts, graceful, similar to the vignettes line in French or Gothic, simulation envelopes for letters and pages from the dictionary. Usually, such things are decorated with fragments of walls of at least 0.3 m, and the nuances of the font should be visible in the distance.
Method number 4 - the slate:
And this is - relatively young, but already a popular way to decorate the walls, especially prevalent in the U.S. and Canada. Mimics, as a rule, a board-menu in a French bistro or a board for drawing. Most adequately looked in the kitchen, nursery or home office. purchased either finished canvas of a certain size, or - a special paint that is applied to the surface of the removable (or at the very wall).
in harmony with nature 
way number 5 - Vertical Garden:
This is a simple way decor with house plants or flower bouquets, located directly on the wall. Several original techniques - in front of you.
way № 6 - botanical subjects:
On this topic on the website source provides detailed gallery, but here are a few new examples.Incidentally, these ornaments can be made ​​with their own hands through their leadership.
a fresh look at tradition 
way to number 7 - the framework:
In a classic interior frame is usually framed pictures and mirrors, and creative personality have focused on shape and color of the frame. Inside it may be located some item or free wall space.
way to number 8 - the mirror:
Another traditional decoration, which thanks to the creative view might look very unusual. For example, several mirrors one form, but of different sizes, collected at the track or a collection of mirrors of different shapes, but in identical frames. In addition, there are creative ways mirrors the suspension, as well as a surprisingly glamorous mirror Starburst.
from the familiar to the pure creativity 
way to number 9 - Cookware:
Wall decoration decorative plates known for a long time, and fans of the classics, it is well known.However, if you like the modern style of interior decor, while such - is to include fantasy and select the original decision.
In addition to plates, irrepressible decorators manage to use the cover of the tureen, cups and even cutlery.
way to number 10 - unusual labels:
Assortment of stickers for the walls is incredibly broad, this method has appeared a couple of decades ago and has already won a lot of fans. Creative types, we can advise you to seek unbanal subjects such as simulation of bulk items or opt for a spectacular contrasting colors such as red or black.
And if fantasy quenched and the soul requires something quite incredible - there are now ways of decorating the walls.


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