How to decor Mosaic of the eggshell

The technology is extremely simple: paste-colored egg shells to the surface and varnished.
I use the shell from the raw eggs. For example, cook an omelette, the contents of the pan, and shells in the case. They needed to be washed in cold water, carefully remove plenochki on the inside and dry.
There are many different ways to paint the shell. I chose for himself, liquid acrylic paints, they go smoothly and dries quickly.
Plastic plates sanded, primed and painted black.
The question arose: how to translate the figure on a black surface, if you can not draw? Was not so difficult, you only need a little imagination.
Mosaic of the eggshell

Take the printed on the computer, drawing our future puzzle. We turn over leaf and rub it abundantly school chalk, blowing off the excess. Here and ready white carbon paper. Impose it on the black surface, fixing the tape in several places and takes the picture.
Mosaic of the eggshell
Take off our list and ... oh, horror! It's all white and dirty! "Are we it's like the first? Of course not!
Mosaic of the eggshell
Therefore, we take a gel pen (they are called "handles for tattoos") and leads our drawing again. These pens are usually written on any surface, including for the Cretaceous. When we finished with a stroke, you can safely wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove the remnants of chalk.
Mosaic of the eggshell
T arelka prepared for the main stage - glueing mosaic. Here are our beautiful shells of all colors. The more shades of each color you cook, the more picturesque than to get your panels.
Mosaic of the eggshell
The shell is easily glued to the PVA. Small section of plaster and glue the figure, with fine tweezers, puts it, choosing the color and form - as in the conventional mosaic. In the photo below - my achievements over the 2 days of work, 2 hours each day.
Mosaic of the eggshell
Mosaic from the shell is not so time-consuming work, as it seems at first. I assure you, it is no more difficult than cross stitching.
The finished panels must be covered with several layers of acrylic paint and sparkle and your work!
The product is made ​​in this technique to decorate the interior of any home, and tons vorchesky process does not bring problems - just fun!


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