How to make a coffee tree.


Let's start. We need: 
ball (I took the foam)
any line of brown
PVA glue
super glue
stick for the trunk
and of course the grain of coffee
but still a lot of patience and diligence + 3-4 hours of time
First, the foam rubber ball, I wrapped threads. On the thread easier to glue grain. They are better kept.
Attach the ends of thread PVA glue
Well, training is finished, proceed to the main process. Recommend to immediately identify a place for our future stem tips of the tree, and place to leave a "bald spot" somewhere in diameter 1 cm
Getting glue the first layer of grains. At first I tried to make a super glue, but it corrodes the plastic foam. Therefore, the first layer of PVA glue. More convenient to deal first glue on a small portion of the ball, and then applying to it the grain.
When a small area is ready, gently presses his palm seeds to the bowl, so that they "sat down" in its place.
A small subtlety. If you have time, then gluing the half-grains, better half an hour to dry out this design. In other grains on wet glue shift and may remain large gaps.
When I decided a second time to try again with the manufacture of coffee tree, it has to make 2 coffee bulb in parallel. While dries up half of one, I'm working with the second.
Well, if there is no time, just neatly glued over the entire ball and still leave it to rest until the glue.
Well? Seeds have already hold fast on?
Then proceed to the next step.
Getting glues a second layer of coffee beans. This time, use super glue. And the seeds paste the convex side down, pristraivaya them in the gap between the first layer of grains.
I do not know how anyone, but I was not comfortable to lubricate every grain of glue from a tube.So I just squeezed a small amount of glue on the paper and the convex back of the grain dipped in that puddle.
Gently to seal all the gaps. Work, I'll tell you honestly, not only is not very pleasant (glue fairly "reeks"), but his fingers still in the state ... Oh well. The beauty of the interior, too, requires sacrifice.8)))
After completing the second layer, leaving the ball up to our transformation into a strong coffee fossil.
Making sure that the grains cling to, at the scheduled place in the pre-expanded plastics ball stick wand.
The remaining gaps are glued up with coffee beans.
In this process of working with the coffee tree canopy we have finished. Do you need to carefully clean off the frozen thin strings of glue.
And now go to the landing of our trees in the ground. " 8)))
To this end, I chose the small glass pots of dark brown glass.
Tree to thoroughly "rooted" in place of the earth, I used plaster of Paris. But since I do not like to see through the glass of white plaster, "tore" the eye, then the batch I added a coffee grounds.
After the solution is ready, "planted" in him our tree, and put this track "under stenochku" until the plaster hardened mass. I prefer to leave the plaster to harden overnight.
And add the final touches in the morning.
To unsightly plaster did not shock our eyes to the simplicity of their labor, the remaining space in the pot go to sleep hazelnuts.
Decorate the trunk of tapes.
Well, perhaps that's all. On this, our work is finished.
Now, this tree will please view and fill the room aroma of coffee.


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