How to make flowers out of nylon

1. For the production of the flower will need:
- Nylon pantyhose
- Wire frame
- A thin wire,
- Stamen
- Sticky green paper,
- The round thing (jar, bottle)
- Scissors.

2. Make a frame for the leaf. For our flower need 6 petals and 2 of the leaf. Diameter pots in this case is 3 cm
3. Here is our piece.
4. Obtyanem wireframe Capron.
5. Anchoring a thin nylon wire at the base.
6. And now 3 petal a different color!
7. These are the leaves have turned.
8. Do bend the petals.
9. Stamens attach a thin wire to one of the petals and attach the same flower stalk.
10. Attach 2 more petals, fastening them with wire.
11. Attach 3 more petals. The flower is ready!
12. Here's what our flower in the draft!
13. Sticky green ribbon, paper flower close the base, turning it around.
14. Here's what our flower until we have attached leaves.
15. Pinned a ribbon-paper leaves.
You like it? Manufacturing Flower took me just 15 minutes! Try it and you!
Here are examples of small, technology is already clear, just remember, the more needs to be a flower petal and leaf, the larger the diameter of the object to make the frame. And the wire should be tight enough.


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