How to make a paper cake

Make a cake out of cardboard is not as difficult as it may sound, plus the entire scope of this delicious stuff vesma wide. Firstly, it is a very original gift box with his hands on the day of the birth of another child, or, secondly, a greatgift for a sweet tooth, the third of several of these pieces you can collect a cake and yes even layered.
So, to start print out a paper template of cake.

  • Transfer the pattern on the decorative paper and do not forget, and move all the tags bend. Or print directly on the decorative paper, then work you greatly diminished.
  • We make the folds on the dotted lines.
  • With a knife make an incision of office on the short solid line.
  • Then proceed to stick together. We need to apply adhesive only on one side.
  • Slightly crushed, so as not separated, and wait for complete drying.


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