How to make super creative scarf

We need the knitwear segment (70 x 130 cm). Place it on a horizontal surface on which you might need to cut it.

Как сделать супер креативный шарфик
Every girl in the locker room is a thing which she wears in the summer - shorts. Look at the site, some women's shorts 2011 season will be ladies in the opinion of the world-famous fashion designers. I must say that this summer will be very relevant shorts and high, and low waist.
Divide it visually (or you can sacrifice a tailor's needle) into three parts. Two of the edges we cut into strips, a width of about 1-1,3 cm
Как сделать супер креативный шарфик
Cut into strips along the length of fabric.
Как сделать супер креативный шарфик
Note that our rectangular scarf, as if you'd like a triangle (like baktusa), it was originally cut the desired shape of the tissue. If you want, then cut pieces can be a little pull, and they will tubules (and you get a scarf to complete the analogy as the first picture).
Our creative scarf is ready!
Как сделать супер креативный шарфик


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