How to make your own GLITTER SHOES!

I've wanted to make glitter shoes for ages, but haven't managed to find the perfect pair until
yesterday I spotted some that fit me and they were only $10 from Wellingtons secondhand
shop Paperbag Princess. I thought I'd take some pictures and share how I made them:


What you need: A pair of shoes with a not too smooth surface, whatever colours of glitter you fancy,  
gloss varnish , a large brush (just a bristle brush will do, you
don't need anything expensive), warm water for cleaning your brush and some tissues in case of little accidents :P

Pour some varnish in a little bowl (forgot to photograph that) - dip your brush
into it and paint one section of the shoe first (if you paint the whole shoe at
once it will be dry before you get your glitter there).

Shake glitter onto the wet varnish (it looks white while wet but dries transparent).

Pat down with fingertip so the glitter partikels all sit flat.

Paint the next section and beglitter like before.

This is what mine looked like after the first layer of varnish and glitter.
I let it dry for a few hours before the next layer.

Your brush will probably be all sticky and glittery... clean it in warm water and pat dry with tissues so it's semi dry before your next layer.

When your shoes are dry apply the next layer of varnish and glitter (again section by section).

After the second layer mine looked like this. More density of the glitter!

Let dry for a few hours, wash brush... :)

Then apply 2 more layers of varnish only to seal everything in, let that dry as well...oh the impatience! :)

All done! :D

Washing hands is optional... :P

Surprisingly it didnt use up as much glitter as I thought. Barely a quarter missing of each colour!
All of the varnish is gone though.


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