How to sew fashion dress for women

Dress with a decorative element and the folds


1. The principle of modeling draperies: where in the drapery folds, or assembly to push the pattern.
2. Based on the direct line of gowns inflict fittings and accessories for the modeling of drapery.
3. We cut the pattern along these lines. The lower part of the largest auxiliary lines will be cut, not dorezaya 1 mm to a side seam and bottom line, and a line from the armhole dorezhem completely.
4. Push the right side of the bodice (lower part) for the formation of wrinkles as the line pritachivaniya greater detail, and at the armhole line.
5. More details push the same in the upper part (where the auxiliary lines originate from the armhole) and at the bottom of razdvizhku should be made ​​only in meste7 pritachivaniya to the rounded parts. 


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