How to sew insulated vest.

For the work we need silk, insulation, lining viscose fabric, thread to match fabric.
Cut out half the front (breast tuck I completely shifted downwards), back of silk and a heater.
Hướng dẫn cắt áo khoác mùa thu

In a heater tuck cut and sew end to end, to avoid excessive thickening.

On the basic details tuck sew.

On the shelves pripuchki iron out, press out the back darts to the center.
Side and shoulder seams sew and iron out too.
Now shear off the top of the silk uteplitelemi stitches on krayu.Delaem fitting.
We specify the desired line of the armhole, neckline.
To make it easier vystrachivat pattern, shoulder seams better strut.
Now draw the desired pattern on the fabric obmylkom.Chtoby tissue does not move all the shear pins and scribbling on target linii.Obyazatelno do tack.

Gradually during vystrachivaniya emerges here such a pattern.

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Cut out and podborta obtachku gorloviny.Dubliruem.

Sew shoulder shvy.Pripuski iron out.

Sew shoulder seams vest, allowances iron out.

Shear pins podborta uppers and stitches on 0,7 mm from the edge.

In the corners must do tack.

In places recesses make punching in the corners for easy eversion-NOTCHES before reaching the line of lines 1 mm.

Allowances podrezaem.So hand podborta at 0,3.

Now allowances turns away toward the inside out and otstrachivaem from the edge to 0.2 mm from the weld.

Turns and priutyuzhivaem.

That's what eventually happened

Sew on podkladku.Vykraivaem pattern transfer without podbortov obtachki and neck.

To make allowances for cross-linking of the armhole is not twisted, the inner part must be less than a couple of millimeters.

Sew armholes.

Allowances also otstrachivaem at 0.2 from the seam sewing.

Close niz.Namechaem and do petli.Prishivaem buttons.


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