Ideas for the garden from the Chelsea show

Winter is almost running out and time again to think about their summer affairs. And that means it's time to start planning, what, where and how to plant the plants that build that remake. Worries a lot and as usual really want to get it nice and preferably better than your neighbor. There is still time to look through magazines on gardening, design and make a trip across the expanses of the Internet to determine global trends in design homestead areas.
An artificial pond with water lilies
Certainly the palm of the issues of quality and a beautiful arrangement of the park and backyard space occupied by the British. They even came up with his show, which is held annually in London, and introduces all amateurs and professionals with the latest landscaping, flower and plant industry. The exhibition is called "Chelsea-show and is held in late May under the patronage of the royal family of Great Britain. Sections (and therefore nominations) at the show quite a lot: it's urban gardens and suburban gardens, this category is for beginners, this achievement in floral design and selection. From all this diversity, we can completely choose something for yourself, simply taking note of this or that idea in the regeneration of rock gardens, flower beds, walkways, and planting flowers and trees. The following gallery of photos collected from various Internet resources, can see fragments of the Chelsea show "in all their glory.
Flowers - Gerbera (?), Tea rose, monkshood
Quite minimalistic landscapes in the style of techno, but all perfectly matched
Very interesting combination of ground cover plants, but only in the vertical version
Fun and cozy nook for rest of ... moss
Interesting idea for the design of factory or business front gardens with sweet peas, peppers and other gifts of nature
Area shady garden
Two design options for alpine gardens: blasting, dried flowers, a young colored mosses
Young (rosettes) is a bit closer. This plant is worthy of an individual and a great story ...
Again, water - designs the aquatic environment and surrounding area on the plot
Bridges and tracks from simple pieces of wood, but if the matter is approached creatively, then we design finds
The whole trick of this photo in the perfect hairstyle shrubs and trees, benches
And the old tree can become the center of the composition
On the bank of the creek. How this is done is not entirely clear, but very nice
And river pebbles can be a fence design ...
Nice and simple: orange yarrow and simple mallow
Cozy corner of the garden
Even beets, and so in the hands of the designer becomes the decoration of the space, plus well-chosen edge of the branches of trees and stones
Well, what about in the garden without conifers, especially if the shape of trees is very bizarre and unusual


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