Life in a glass bowl.

Collection of "Man and Nisse" from JAJA Architects


Man and Nisse. Стеклянные шары от JAJA Architects
Man and Nisse. Glass balls from JAJA Architects

Messengers of the new year in each country and each people are different. As well as traditional dishes, greeting cards, ornaments and other holiday attributes. For example, in Scandinavia, for example, along with Santa Claus comes to people a little elf-like dwarf, whose name is Nisse (Nisse). And the company JAJA Architects has released the holiday collection of souvenir glass beads "Man and Nisse", which explores the life of this most Nisse with humans and among humans.

The authors of the draft prepared by the project especially for the Christmas workshop at the studio Danish Architecture Center. And the idea was born at a time when the youngest child of one of the authors asked the father how would it be if people were able to make friends with fabulous creatures of legends and superstitions. Well, something like this.

Праздничные сувениры от JAJA Architects
Holiday gifts from JAJA Architects

Рождественские эльфы среди людей
Christmas elves are among the people

Зимняя сказка в стеклянном шаре
Winter's Tale in a glass bowl

Theme "Man and Nisse" designers reviewed in great detail, and drew attention not only on the winter and other seasons. Where does a fabulous creatures that are associated with the Christmas holidays, when spring comes, and then the summer? Perhaps reincarnated into people to be able to get lost in the crowd, waiting for the next winter?

Man and Nisse. Милые предпраздничные сувениры
Man and Nisse. Pre cute souvenirs

Смогли бы эльфы жить бок-о-бок с людьми?
Would the elves live side-by-side with people?

Счастливого рождества с сувенирами от JAJA Architects
Merry Christmas with souvenirs from JAJA Architects

All of the 14 glass balls with artificial snow inside are an example of exceptionally fine work. There is so carefully worked out the smallest details that gifts can indeed be confused with the tiny fairy-tale worlds where people live side-by-side with the elves.
Merry Christmas from JAJA Architects!


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