Making rose for accessories

Need a dense interweaving of fabric, silk is best, you can atlas.Tkan gelatin (gelatin infused in a ratio of 3 teaspoons per glass of water, when present, is heated and as-soon as it dissolves completely omit the fabric and hang to dry pressing, the remains can be simply lift the toes).
To make a flower, we need about 5-6 small petals, 6 medium and 6 large (all of course individually, whichever you need a fluffy flower)
Petals cut out strictly under 45% of the grain lines

With the help of scissors, pulling the edge of a petal from the center toward the edges, thumb web, as it were, presses vnutr.Nuzhno do everything very carefully, otherwise the edges may rastrepatsya.Esli in your fabric is the slightest contents of synthetic, pre-edge can be slightly melted over a candle.

Collect flower sshivaya.Snachala the smallest, then larger ones.

Good luck in your creativity!


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