Making toy for kids

Crafts buttons. Centipede 

Сороконожка из пуговиц

You will need:

  • Buttons with two holes
  • 2 black buttons with a diameter 0,5 cm
  • 3 red buttons diameter of 0.4 cm
  • A cotton ball with a diameter of 4 cm
  • Insulated wire 1 mm thick
  • Multicolored Felt
  • Yellow and bright red paint pad
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • Tassel
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Nippers
  • Universal Adhesive

1. For the body "bite" the wire cutter length of 20 cm bend one end into a loop and twist it. It will attach the head.
2. Felt cut 10-15 bubbles 3-4 cm in diameter, do the middle of the needle hole. String on the wire in the sequence of colored circles of felt and buttons.
3. When you reach the desired length of the trunk, draw the wire through the second hole of the last button and screw.
4. For the feet need 5 pieces of wire measuring about 10 cm String small buttons on the wire, leaving the ends of 3, see the end of wire held in the second last hole buttons and glue.
5. Bend your legs in half and tightly wind the wire cutters on their torso. Foot spread at equal distances from each other, to avoid bias and sagging. Make sure that the wire-foot does not move between the buttons, the torso, otherwise it will be visible to wire the trunk.
6. To make a head, paint a cotton ball in yellow. Once the paint dries, follow the ball in the two holes for antennae and Glue them universal glue a piece of wire length of 2 cm at the ends of the wire nanizhite on button, twist the wire.
7. At the head stick 2 small black buttons - the eyes and red - the nose. Red paint, draw a mouth and cheeks, apply a white eye patches.
8. On the back of the head hole through. Twisted loop body, insert in the hole and Glue universal glue.

Сороконожка из пуговиц

The same principle can be funny puppy or kitten.


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