The most creative restaurants in Ukraine.

It turns out that not only foreign country is rich in creative restaurant ideas. In Ukraine, too, there are many restaurants and cafes that delight visitors not only soundly kitchen (of course), but also the extraordinary interior and "chips". You can potrapeznichat directly under the plane, in the partisan mud hut or in chains ... ...

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The undisputed leader on the number and perhaps also in quality of conceptual café - Lviv. In "Masoch café" the waitress brought the menu, along with irons and fastens them to the arms and neck visitors. This place is dedicated to the founder of masochism, a writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, once lived in the city. "Indecent" cafe, glass doors are made ​​in a keyhole stuffed with attributes of sexual pleasures, and a menu packed with aphrodisiacs: meat slicing "Hotіti th CDP," soup "Standpipe for tvіy relish, ice cream Іnkoli lіpshe lysate. And a couple of strokes: on television is cutting session of the Council, together with the score you receive lashes, however, are not that strong - the waiters are playing, but not overplayed.

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But "Under the golden rose" can be "in Hebrew," to bargain for lunch - the menu prices are simply not listed and only on your talent depends on the amount you leave in the "Kneipp" (in Galician - cafe). Of course this cool cafe - carp Galicia obіtovana "potato pancakes" Tel and Lviv, forshmak "Vіd vuytsya Shloma. Visitors to wash their hands of the pitcher and give his hat to Pace.

Interior facilities, decorated with compasses, hammers, triangles with the all-seeing eye is possible to study the history of the mysterious Order of Freemasons. " Prices here really "Masonic": a bowl of borscht - 133 UAH. and 533 UAH. for the steak.This is the most expensive restaurants of Galicia. However, sky-high cost of food - part of the game: club card gives a discount of 85% and the last digit in the price otbrasyvaetsya.Dvigaemsya further. What, you think looks the entrance to the "Masonic restaurant? By the way, it also created in honor of fellow countrymen - Austrian Freemasons opened at one time in Lviv box. Visitors opens the door to a man in a dressing gown, behind him an old black-and-white TV, a Soviet refrigerator, dining table. Conspiracy by becoming a secret organization. But in the dining room has all the decorum and noble, there is even a toilet made ​​in the form of a throne. In the darkened hallway among the flickering candles doorman in an apron and white gloves, gives the same "dress code" for all men (women can not be members of the lodge, "and his" outfit "is not allowed).
In Lviv, there is a cafe in the tram-style dugouts soldiers of the UPA, a restaurant-museum of kerosene lamps. Such a number of institutions with a twist is easily explained - all the same owners, who, as they say, "combines a rich fantasy, Corporate Business flair and inspiration from the city's history."
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Soul Plane In Fast Food KHARKOV
In the center of Kharkov is an unusual eatery - "Syty Pilot", where the ceiling hung fighters. The fact in itself is interesting, but for greater beauty of the holes in their wings patched spoons, and the number of enemies lined pointed hearts. Actually, the tail of the enemy, made ​​from beer cans, stands as if he hit the floor. Next turns iron iron with aluminum wings of the substrate. And above it all - embroidered flowers propellers. "Why aviation theme? Well, first of all, has long wanted to play in the national aviation, such improvised, as in a joke about a meeting on the farm: "... and let's bought hvanery, eraplan construct and fly to such and such a mother" - say the designers. - Secondly, the history of Kharkov spelled with two aces: Valentina Grizodubova and Ivan Kozhedub.


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