Obi belt - Asian zest!

Japanese obi belt not only looks amazing! It can bind the surface coat, dress or jacket, killing two things: running away from everyday clothes and stylizing outfit under the East! Patterns of such belts are very simple, the only nuance is interlining within the zone must be very tough. And the rest is a matter of taste and imagination. Manufacture can be made ​​of various materials. For example, silk or leather looks especially good. Models can be different, but the main idea! (C) Vanda. 

1. This is the simplest version of the zone. Tape 180, cut in half, get 2 ties. Rectangular piece belt folded in half. One way to duplicate interlining. Skolot sorotkie cuts, taking the middle of each side of one end segment of the tape. Sew short-and longitudinal sections were left in one area of 5 cm for turning. Remove the belt, open area zastrochit.

2. This kind of belt, extremely similar to the original obi. Something like Japanese women tied over the kimono. The upper belt folded in half, one layer of hard to duplicate interlining. Next Stitch all seams, leaving the plot in one place, for turning. Remove the belt and open land zastrochit. Further, to perform the zipper as the best option, need to "Velcro", one of its side of the sew on one side belt, and another - on the other. On the sides make small belt loops, in which later will insert another band smaller. The upper belt can be made ​​from conventional tape or even a decorative cord. Even more amazingly looks a rope ... 

3. This belt is a bit more complicated in execution, but the most effective. The middle part should be good to duplicate. Better to choose hard interlining. You can do without seams, simply add the items, and carve out already the top and bottom layer. And you can leave the side seams. Here at will and capabilities. 

And something else for dessert! This is not the obi is likely his version in the eastern style, but way to perform the same zone. Just add more glitter and tinsel, various rhinestones ... and the result - from Japan fall to the East! 


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