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Thin worlds Sara Lechner (Sara Lechner)
I instantly remembered the old, sweet song of Zoey Yashchenko Thin worlds. " The whole song will not spread if you want, find ... (simple tune is well suited to what you now see .))))
But a few lines still write: 

These subtle worlds: 
I opened the box, 
I take a needle in hand 
And on silk embroidery.
Vyshyu its yesterday's dream 
Vyshyu rainbow over the forest, 
And the rainbow goes 
In the mini-skirt stewardess.
Vyshyu white plane. 
He flies to other worlds. 
Behind the glass floating circles - 
This is my earthly dreams.
Lady in a black veil 
Hides her long eyelashes, 
Horse black bears 
Straight into the abyss the chariot
Dark blue water 
They absorb into the abyss, 
Dark blue water 
I am parting portends ..........
So, I do not write too much about the main. All the side. Look ..... Sara Lechner. (She makes collages in miksovoy technique with felt bases). 
Dream of a child (Child's Dream)
Spain, Alicante (España y Alicante)
Before disconnecting (Before falling asleep)
Magic Brooch
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End of things
In the end - THE BEGINNING (Out on a limb - Beginnings)
In the end - Friends (Out on a limb - Friends)
The bird flew back (The bird flew back)

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Small fairies are flying here! (The little fairies are flying here!)
Design your jacket (Own design vest)


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