Patchwork bag tutorial

1. Cut out for the two halves of the twin bag items: 
Pattern A - 2 pieces., B - 2., C - 2 pcs., D - 4 pcs. 

SEAM I did not add. 
But if you make allowances, please note that the bag will be slightly larger. 

The length of the handle - part D - cut out as desired: 
For example, 23 ... see if you carry in your hands, and 33 ... see if you like 
hang on your shoulder (before we expand Try to imagine the desired length 

2. Stitched first parts A and B. 
Or smooth, wipe out allowances (depending on the thickness of the selected tissues). 
Then sew part C and part D. Sutures ironing. 

Thus, we get two quilts half of the bags in mirror image. 

3. Each half of the bags are imposed on the reinforcing material (in 
me - dense nekleevoy sintepon) and, as a stencil, cut out on 
contours, leaving the small stocks. 
If the surface material bonding, a smooth paste it to the wrong side of quilt. 
If the material nekleevoy, baste, pin together and sprinkled with a special glue-spray. 
Decorative otstrachivaem along the contours of the joints between the parts or 
patchwork quilt surface - that adorn and seal parts 

4. Now, cut away excess syntepon and along the contours of the resulting 
seamed parts cut out the lining. It can be cut by about 1 
cm less (except handles). 
But I do so: cut the same size as scrappy 
part, and then when I grind down half pads, mounting 
allowances to more than 1 cm, and if the fabric is loose, excess is not 
cut - so reliable. 
At this stage of assembly bags can sew pockets, if provided in your model. 

5. At the patchwork and lining parts of planning a tuck. Zastrachivaem them. 

6. Fold parts bag, facing each other, pin together and sew together only at the bottom of the arc of the bag. 
In this case, Tuck should be laid so that there was no thickening of the double: on one side of the bag, for example, to the right, on the other - to the left. 

7. Zastrachivaem tuck in half pads. 
Fold them face each other and grind down each other only on the lower arc. 
Similarly straighten tuck, but between the darts on lower edge of the reserve nezashituyu for turning. 

Let me remind you that if we cut out the lining of the same size as 
and the flap part, now on an allowance reserve is about twice 
more than a patchwork detail bag.

8. Imbed the lining inside the bag, combining in their personal side. 
Docking with all the details of the top of the bag and sew all that is left unconnected: "neck", "shoulders", handles. 

On the allowance of handles can be cut thickening syntepon if he 
you are too tight. You can also cut corners with allowances. Not 
Remember to cut the allowances on curved sections before 

Turns the whole bag through the hole at the bottom lining. 
Ironing. Superimpose on each other allowances holes and sews 
a hidden seam.

9. Now manually connect the halves of the handles and then on a typewriter otstrachivaem top of the bag handles. 
This will give shape and strengthen the connection handles. 
And, of course, decorate your new patchwork assistant!

In conclusion, can sew a loop with a button as a clasp, and think of other more decorative raisin. 
I added the flowers, "yo-yo" shki and self-adhesive white-green crystals. 


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