Pine bead tutorial

There are certainly minor flaws, but overall, I'm glad this result!

for the work it took me: 50 meters copper wire 0.3 dark, about 30g of dark green beads, 10 grams of light green beads and beads mint-colored, tube from a ballpoint pen, fabric tape, paint color nut and colorless, a brush, a little plaster and container planting, pebbles for decoration.

beads is poured into a comfortable capacity of mixing required color wire cut into pieces 25-35cm.

Branches are made in the Coral technology, for each brand bisirinok 8, 5 needles on twig

I apologize for the quality of some photos. short harvests a huge number of branches. I got approx 120 pieces

Of the small beam is the crown

then make larger branches and we continue to build a pine tree. For stiffness trunk, branches are consolidating on the remains of a ballpoint pen with tissue tape

Thus, we can build a pine tree of any height. My approx 25cm. Of the ends of wire twisting roots, wind their tape. Lacquered trunk and roots. You can plant a tree in any mkost. In my case it is a saucer with gypsum. While gypsum is not frozen, and overlaid it with stones covered with varnish.


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