Quilling paper art: Wall pictures quilling

P2171757a (461x614, 175 Kb)
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 will need these details:
For a large purple flower need a band of fringe width. 1,5 cm, length 30 cm + segment dark blue fringe shir.2 cm in length 1.5 cm, the tips dark blue fringe painted white gouache. Dimensions fringe for a little flower: purple stripe width. 1 cm length 21 cm + dark blue segment width. 1,5 cm length of 1 cm from the fringe curled dark-colored and slightly raspushivaetsya. Obtained midway with stamens.Unfortunately a single photo seredinok I do not, they can be seen in the following photo, where will all the details of the flower.
P2091746 (614x461, 104 Kb)
Now for petals.
For large flowers, we need a blue strip of paper wide. 2 cm length of the strip does not matter in the future it will be divided into segments of 3 cm For the convenience of the division, I took a strip of length 21 cm
For little color to the band width. 1,5 cm, length of segments - 2 cm Number of petals for both large and small flowers for the same - 8 pcs.
(614x461, 142Kb)
First, the band cut "fence", and then to fall into the above-mentioned segments. For the petals to our segments twist and slightly outward fringe.
(614x461, 108Kb)
As a result, we get the work done here such Circuits: petals and above the middle.
(614x461, 178Kb)

(614x461, 122Kb)
It is desirable in this case do not cut a straight line, and slightly rounded at the end.
(614x461, 93Kb)
Another important part of our flower - sepal.
For large flowers make it out of the band width. 0,5 cm length 42 cm, small - width. 0,5 cm, length 30 cm bands rolled into tight rolls, and then squeezing them a little and get the cones. To fix the cones inside promazyvaem glue. In the insert hole wire-stem, pre-wrapped in corrugated paper. For reliability, the stalk is also better to fix with glue.
(614x461, 147Kb)
Collect all the flower parts.
Middle of a turn over and her butt paste petals. I use glue "Titan", who has a Melt - Arm them! When the petals "grab" the top fasten with sepal stalk.
(614x461, 137Kb)
Well, perhaps all the wisdom! Of course I had to tinker, but I personally got from the work of great satisfaction! P2171757a (461x614, 175 Kb)


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