Recycling and craft work: making card, tag for girls

Learn to draw nice tag 
Today we will learn to draw beautifully tags for scrapbooking.

1. Pattern dress 
2. White cardboard 
3. Tags 
4. Vintage book page 
5. Acrylic Paints 
6. Colored pencil or marker (any color) 
7. Gauze or cloth 
8. A piece of lace 
9. Scissors 
10. Sewing machine (glue can be used instead of sewing) 
11. Container of water 

Step 1: We're going to give our laces and webbing of antiquity. Mix a few bubbles of paint in plastic containers.

Step 2: Place the fabric and lace in the paint.

Step 3: Press your fabric and lace. Put them on paper towels. For those who like wrinkled fabric, leave them crumpled to dry. You can dry their hair dryer.

Step 4: Loading template dress here (see paragraph 4). Print out the template. Then we should impose a pattern on a piece of cardboard and cut around

Step 5: Now you have to cut her dress.

Step 6: Cut fabric strips. I like when my cloth worn at the edges.

Step 7: We have prepared a few strips of cloth.

Step 8: sew lace to the bottom of the template.

Step 9: sew (or glue) strip of fabric on your dress pattern, starting from the bottom of the dress, and ending at the waist. Is the overlap of the bands.

Step 10: That's so it will look like a dress.

Step 11: strip all unnecessary.

Step 12: Your dress should look like.

Step 13: Paint over the bodice of her gown with crayons.

Step 14: Stick to the tag vintage paper, and then you can stick your clothes.


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