Recycling art: Funny animals from shopping carts

Human history man has created a lot of things, necessary and unnecessary. And every thing in life there comes a point when it is sent to landfill.Environmentalists are sounding the alarm of the world: plastic, glass, iron, being sent to the garbage and poison the air and all this horrible impact on the urban environment and nature in general. But there are enthusiasts who are used to old things and make them works of art. Someone gives a second life plastic bottles, and someone as an artist Ptolemy Elrington (Ptolemy Elrington) from the English town of Brighton, uses for his work, metal shopping carts.
Dragonfly from trucks Ptolemy Arlington
Old truck painter with his assistants gather wherever they can: pulled out of rivers, dig up a landfill, looking among the litter around the shops and markets. After a little treatment from the hands of enthusiasts out unusual, made as of the ligature, the animals that are in principle very similar to these birds, beasts, fishes. Each of the sculptures could easily decorate a modern garden and give it an unusual appearance.
Arlington Ptolemy among his creations

Dragonfly sculpture trucks
Detail of the Pelican
But the artist is not limited to trucks. In his work he also uses old car wheels, making them here is just such wonderful animals. Planted on lawns or tree branches, they are very, very original look among the landscape.


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