Recycling art: Jewelry from ... spoons and forks!

John Marcello makes rings from tea spoons and bracelets made ​​of forks. Naturally, this is only manual work, and the author asserts that uses special technology that makes it possible to bend the devices without damaging them. Each of the ornaments, there is only one copy, so buyers can be confident that their product is unique and unrepeatable.
Everything started from the moment when one day at a restaurant his father, John Marcello found under a napkin bent fork, and this led him to the idea of transforming eating utensils into different fun shapes. Several years later, John had the idea to use his father's idea, but send it in a slightly different track: both were first ornaments from forks and spoons.
"I always thought the manual work something magical - says John Marcello. - And now this magical process takes me from a simple hobby to this creativity. I am sure that bending forks - the best way to transform my innermost ideas into reality. "


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