Recycling of CDs: DVD-chic

It should be: drive space, a box of beautiful dense, scissors, glue, grout joints for normal tiled. Will:

Cumulate all right. There are nuances. With the thumb on his right arm must say goodbye to a couple of days - numb from the cutting. With scissors, too, can say goodbye. They say that disks can be heated, then they are easier to cut. I could not, therefore, was cutting without anesthetic. Discs must be of decent quality, or general license. Blanks usual scattered and stratified, well-run drive from the toys or show (like me).

Cut disks into pieces as you want. For nelenivyh can figure, ornament cut. Sticking to the box. Dry them.

After drying, the erasure of the seams between pieces of conventional grouting Grout, tile.Can filler.

After drying, remove it surplus grout. Slightly scratched disks at the same time, yes. But the only noticeable master-doer. Residues in the corners - neatly nazhdachkom.Everything.


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