Recycling of old tie: father's tie convert into son's tie tutorial

How to sew a tie for the baby.

Little dandy will simply irresistible in the tie sewn your loving hands. To alter a thing for adult "children" option, you will need a little time and skill. Our detailed picture - lesson will help in this enjoyable and rewarding business. See also our video - Lessons for tinkering with the old and boring things.
(375x500, 83Kb)

(375x500, 152Kb)(375x500, 141Kb)
(500x375, 164Kb)
(500x375, 158Kb)
(259x699, 125Kb)
(500x375, 92Kb)
(500x375, 104Kb)
(500x375, 90Kb)
(500x375, 93Kb)
(500x375, 96Kb)
(500x375, 81Kb)
(375x500, 180Kb)
(500x500, 270Kb)
(500x375, 171Kb)
(500x500, 241Kb)
(500x500, 172Kb)
(500x500, 241Kb)
(375x500, 83Kb)


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