Recycling work: Cool Couture Remake

ドレープドレープ 2 
 sewing dress of the two T-shirts

Perfect dress for summer
alteration of T-shirts
Need: T-shirt in your size, sleeveless, preferably knitted more tightly and shape (otherwise the weight of the large T-shirts will it deform), one T-shirt as the big size, you'll find scissors, thread, and metallic crystals, blocks, buttons, which will decorate before.
how to alter a T-shirthow to alter a T-shirt

Shoulder seams are cut off shirts.

Sleeves T-shirts - everyone - we sew the bottom. Obtained such "pouches" - future pockets.
alter T-shirt

Not processed slices along the shoulder seams cut us bends twice on the wrong side and hem.
alteration dress

Turns T-shirt on the front side, season with pockets inside. Neatly her neck with neck shirts. Mark up on both the middle.
dress shirts

alteration stamp

Measured from the neck down stamp 4 cm
how to sew a simple dress

At this distance, put the top INSIDE t-shirt, combining the line with the marks of the mid-neck.

alteration of clothing

We fix them together with pins. 4 cm from the neck get very "deep" part of the collar shirts. The remaining pins so as not to disturb the natural curve of the collar.
The same is repeated on the back and sew everything by hand or typewriter. To his neck collar is not ugly, make it two seams: one along the upper edge of the collar, one along the seam stitch the collar to the shirt. Do not pull the fabric of the lower stamp! If pulled, it is better to enclose the bottom paper towel or napkin - proshete, then tear off without a trace.
alteration collar shirts

And now the fun - gives you a new dress personality. Can be done to it are taking, for example, a velvet ribbon. You can decorate with colored neck buttons, if you sew for a child; brutal metal studs, if for themselves, etc.
how to glue rhinestones


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