Review of unusual baby carriages.

Обзор необычных детских колясок

Overview unusual prams

Mindful of the fact that all the best - to children, the designers of all races and nations strive to outdo themselves in trying to create something so that children would feel more comfortable, and their parents - happy. Some simulate unusual bed, the other - the furniture-the alphabet, and others create the battery baby, baby gadgets, and even cell phones for children. And for the little "flowers" the designers have something more serious. Thus, a review of the most unusual baby carriages.

Strollers "walker"

Коляска-ходунок, чтобы ножки не устали
Wheelchair-walker to stem not tired

Despite the fact that kids certainly need to learn to walk and train on their tiny legs, they very quickly get tired and start to act up, cry, or even get hysterical. To reassure the child must spend a lot of nerves, time and energy, rocking him and coaxing. A wheelchair-walker get rid of this unpleasant procedure as a baby and his parents.

Коляска-ходунок Jump Baby Walker
Wheelchair-walker Jump Baby Walker

Первый автомобиль, или коляска-ходунок
The first car, or wheelchair-walker

So, in this adaptation of the baby may sit and walk and ride, so that learning can be called a walking entertainment and fun. And playing, and learn more readily.

Strollers for children and parents

Коляска-самокат Roller buggy
Wheelchair-scooter Roller buggy

Despite the fact that in a stroller ride only babies, some designers have decided that parents would also be interesting to take a ride on this vehicle. As a result, the world saw such hybrids are wheelchair and scooter and even wheelchair-bicycle.

*Roller buggy* от дизайнера Valentin Vodev
* Roller buggy * from designer Valentin Vodev

Необычная коляска-велосипед
Unusual stroller-bike

Коляска-велосипед Taga
Stroller-bike Taga

These projects, wheelchair-scooter «Roller buggy» from designer Valentin Vodev, stroller-bike Taga from Jerusalem, and other submitted projects will enjoy not only children but adults and family members.

Strange stroller

Жуткая металлическая коляска для младенца
Eerie metal stroller for baby

And here we have assembled carriages, which would not trust the kid no one loving and caring mother. Because they look very suspicious and strange, and in general it is not clear how this "something" could be called a pram for baby.

Странная коляска из алюминиевых листов
Strange carriage of aluminum sheets

For example, here is this construction of the polished aluminum sheets, where you can not leave a baby or a cold or a fever.

Странная коляска в стиле ретро
Strange stroller retro

Or is this similarity small coffin on wheels. Although, as I recall, it is such carriages were in fashion's commercials in the 50's of last century.

Conceptual stroller

Коляска-концепт на солнечных батареях
Stroller-concept solar-powered

However, the odds of success of previous versions will stroller conceptual. They do not yet exist in the sale, but there is a picture in the imagination of designers in their portfolio - and plans to translate our plans into reality.
Curiously, those who agree to carry your baby in a stroller, suitcase, though very comfortable

Коляска Smart baby case
Stroller Smart baby case

Коляска Smart baby case
Stroller Smart baby case

Еще одна коляска-чемодан
Another stroller, suitcase

Or in the egg-shaped carriage, a bunker, which, though, and will protect the baby, not only from the sun, wind, snow and rain, but also from other, more dangerous trouble, but still looks like a big and round bombs on wheels.

Коляска-*бункер* Stroller
Stroller-bin * * Stroller


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